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The ultimate course you need to grow your email list and identify your client's needs, meaning they buy from you sooner, even if you don’t have an email list yet!

Does This Ring Any Bells?

You’ve started your own business, ready to let the world know you’re here, get clients and make sales.

But despite hours of plugging away at social media, no one’s coming to your website, let alone buying from you.

Or perhaps you’ve started an email list, but with only a handful of sign-ups, it feels like the hours of writing and sending emails is a waste of your precious time.

Maybe, you’ve heard that creating a lead magnet is a great way to grow an email list (when you offer a really useful document, in exchange for an email address). But actually, you’ve no idea where to start and the idea of choosing an email management system, not to mention how to set up all the tech to link it up…

is quite frankly completely confusing, overwhelming and frustrating.

Are you ready to say bye-bye to that overwhelm and let us guide you step by step to create an amazing lead magnet, that will attract your perfect clients and grow your email list, even while you sleep at night?

Imagine ...

Imagine having a brilliant lead magnet that attracts the best clients to your email list.

Imagine having all the techie bits behind the scenes set up and knowing it’s all GDPR & legal compliant.

Imagine having a lead magnet, you’re so proud of and sharing it on social media.

Imagine growing your email list and having the tech do all the work, while you sleep at night.

This doesn’t have to be a dream, get started on making it happen

Lead Magnet Essentials

What Are You Offering?

Understanding Your Ideal Client

Lead Magnet Content

Landing Page

Intro To The Tech

Connections For Your Lead Magnet

and …

Know that after 2 weeks live with us your Lead Magnet will be live!

8 Editable and downloadable worksheets

Over 6 hours of training

Over 95 Individual step by step lessons

4 Months Access

Staying Legal

Building The Page For Your Lead Magnet

Connecting The Page For Your Lead Magnet


Launching Your Lead Magnet

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